image Night landscape of Bangalore @11 PM

BG_07 copy

This is one of my first night photography using my newly owned DSLR Nikon camera. I always had a fantasy of capturing image in the night, which was impossible with any other basic camera.Therefore this image is really very special to me, as it made my dreams into reality. Tonight there was no electricity for more than 5 hours, unable to sleep so thought of exploring some night photography. Without tripod and remote, it was very difficult. I want to confess that this the very first time I really felt the need of tripod and some other gears. However, I managed to take this pic, and frankly was amused.

  • Camera: Nikon 5200
  • Camera setting: Shutter priority
  • Shutter speed: 10 seconds
  • Post processing: Nil
  • Weather: Cloudy

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