image The wild flower in the Western Ghats

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Recently I had the an opportunity of going in a trip along with my friends to the great Western Ghats of Maharastra in India. These mountains are famous for its splendid natural beauty, biodiversity, lush green dense forest, adventurous valleys. There are many wild varieties of flora and fauna.

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We had booked a cab for our traveling through the ghats, as driving is not so easy in such terrain. During our long adventurous journey, we took few stops. In one such break, we stopped near a “chai-wala” by the roadside. We sat on some cemented bench like structure by the roadside and enjoyed our tea. I observed these tiny little yet beautiful wild blue flowers in the mighty ocean of grassy slops of the mountain by the roadside.
It is very strange that we often tend to miss out small things in this fast pace world, some times due to their insignificant size. But it is when we stop chasing and slow down, we even tend to enjoy these tiny bits and bytes of life.



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