image The “Hangout” of the Village

The Hangouts in the Village

We use Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Hangout…to socialize. But, there are people in this age of internet who like to hangout in its true sense.

This pic has been taken during a social feast (kinda secret!!!) in the woods of my village (in the district of Sundargarh, Odisha), where these group of people are enjoying under the shade of this huge tree. Here is the behind story…

In this locality, the male members of each family join together and organizes a social feast in a isolated part of the woods, where no women is allowed enter. For the occasion, a goat or two are brought and are slaughtered  at the venue and then shared among each group of family equally. Each group of family take there share and prepare meal for themselves in the woods itself. Few family join their shares of meat and cook together. Even members are allowed to invite their friends but have to dine with them only. Freshly prepared local alcohol (Taadi-a day old juice extracted from dates plant) is on the floor.

I know, it might sound little strange but it is true and trust me, its really fun.



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